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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hello, it's me again

Hello, it's me again. Blogging is addicting. Had I known it before, there would be many things poured out in here.

I'm not into writing before, I'm much better speaking in person. But since I am alone here in the apartment --all my four roommates are not around, which is good, since I can turn up the AC to my liking-- and I am working with Disha (my Dell Inspiron 700 laptop) all day, I thought, why not put her into more action. I mean, she probably got bored running my VB scripts all day. So, Disha, I'm hoping this will be a fun break for you.

On another note, I am quiting my delivery job today. I know, I know. You'd say, why starting this blog then? Well, I could still reminisce about it, right? It's kinda interesting, I guess.

Anyway, the reason I quit is 80% due to that Boss Lady, I just couldn't stand her anymore.

Last night, I had to deliver to one of the dormitories on campus. I grabbed the order and was on my way. The thing was I didn't quite sure where exactly the dorm is located. Southside? Northside? My GPS on the PDA didn't help either. Damn, this campus is too big, man.

So I called the dude who ordered it. He, turned out, was even less familiar with the area. El stupido. What are you, a fish?

The restaurant guarantees a 40 minute delivery (from ordering time). 20 minutes turned into 30 and I was still finding my way around. Finally, I came up with the idea to call an ever resourceful friend. With her help, I found the building in record time (minute 38). But still, the customer, that shit head, was already calling Boss Lady.

When I just stepped behind the cashier counter back at the restaurant, here is what I heard from her.

"You too slow! No working for me! Or other delivery! Customer complain, I loose money!"

Heh. What's up with that? Have you ever heard of this thing called a complete sentence, woman?

Actually, it was not the first time she yelled at me. But last night, I had it up until here. So, bye-bye! The pay sucks and don't get me started on the tip money. With gas price like this, I won't get far from break even, not to mention the unnecessary mileages I put into my ride.

OK. I'm leaving for the restaurant for my last shift of delivery. And then, I'm going to tell that BL I'm quitting.

See y'all later.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger nadia said...

hey ks.. tis I, ade. you know what .. BL can stand for bitch lady too hahahaha ..ohh the irony of it all!!

At 8:11 PM, Blogger WorkRunPlay said...

loe dapet dari mana blog ini de? pasti dari si inda ya?

memang itu maksud gue. bitch lady! hahahaha. go to hell, bitch.

At 1:22 AM, Blogger whitedaffodil said...

someone said, "ngapain ngeblog!! wasting time! itu cuma buat orang2 yg ga ada kerjaan!!"

and now, it's that person's second post!!

welcome to the club, baby!!!

At 11:49 AM, Blogger WorkRunPlay said...

Thanks, I think I'd better stop now. This is not fun anymore. :p


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