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Friday, September 01, 2006

The One Where I Change Routine


My royal blooded roommate, another friend and I have been regimenting ourselves in a quite ambitious exercise program. We call ourselves, The Gank, for a lack of better name. We've been running morning and evening for about a month now. Every other day, my roommate and I haul our arses off to the gym for some rigorous strength training.

The thing is, I haven't seen the effect of the running on my body (percent fat or otherwise). I believe a small part of it is probably due to my lack of organization on what health concious people call a proper diet (read: there can only be so many trips to IHOP ;) ). The whole other part of the pie is my lack of resting time (read: I've been working really hard on my software, or chatting ;) and most days only get four to five hours of nocturnal sleep, with no naps!).

So, starting this week, we switch our running routine to a 30-30-30 cardio on treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike (I love this biking thing), respectively, which is really a good thing for at least three reasons:
  1. The view, it is much better here at the spandex palace. :D
  2. The low impactness of the exercise, it is easier on the joints.
  3. The reward, don't you just love the digital display of the amount of calories burnt? I , myself, average 800 calories per session)

So, we'll see how this works out for the better. I've already got a good vibe going. Also I'm trying real hard to get myself on a stricter diet.

Later, foo.


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